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Energy Deregulation in Ohio Gives You Power to Select Your Energy Provider

Ohio is a deregulated energy marketplace. This means that you are able to search for prices and plans that meet your budget and needs. columbia gas Columbia Gas remains your utility company, but you can search for a competitor to help you reduce your energy bill.

Apples to Apples The Ultimate Guide to Energy Choice in Ohio

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) runs Apples to Apples, which aids consumers in understanding the deregulation of electricity and energy providers options. It is simple to use and offers important information about Ohio’s deregulated markets.

Apples to apples: Electricity suppliers and plans

PUCO’s official energy comparison site, Apples to Apples, offers a complete list of electricity providers and rates in your area. This site is a great way to find out more about options available in the unregulated energy market. It also lets users to compare providers and plans.

Apples to apples Natural gas providers and plans

Despite the fact that Ohio’s energy market has been deregulated however, many consumers do not realize the control they have over their natural gas provider. They don’t always take advantage of the market and make the right choice for their household.

You should look for fixed-rate deals with your supplier to get the most value from the market. These plans are long-term and could lower your monthly cost regardless of whether the cost of natural gas rise in the future.

When should you begin shopping for a fixed rate plan

It is best to shop in the fall or spring when natural gas prices are at their lowest. In this time, your home isn’t making use of the same amount of energy. This will make it easier to find a cheaper price than the current market average and you won’t need to worry about price increases in the future.

After you’ve chosen a plan and shopped, sign up for automatic payments to ensure that you pay your bill by the due date. This can reduce your expenses and stress as well as make your life easier by ensuring that you have your natural gas and electricity paid for.

Shipley Energy is proud to join forces with Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania, offering reliable, cost-effective energy services that works for you and your family. We are a full-service provider. This means that we will continue to deliver natural gas and read your meters and respond to any safety concerns. When you make the switch to us, we’ll provide you with a single bill adjustment.

You can sign up for our Customer Choice program today if you are ready to reduce your energy usage. We’ll give you a personalized account, allowing you to view your bills, track your usage and even make a payment from your computer or phone!