Are you an adrenaline junkie on the lookout for extreme adventure activities in India? We’ve got you covered because India is exploding in terms of tourism and adventure activities. Although there are numerous exciting adventure activities to participate in, bungee jumping is at the top of the list. What is bungee jumping for those who have never heard of it?

It is a fun activity in which people fall from a certain height while wearing a rope around their waist or leg. There’s no need to be concerned because everything is carried out according to stringent criteria and with the highest safety.

Bungee jumping, often known as bungy jumping, is a sport in which a participant jumps from a great height while linked to a large elastic line. The launching pad is always built atop a tall structure, such as a hutment or crane, a ground over a steep notch, or a natural geographic feature, such as a precipice. It’s also possible to jump from a hot-air balloon or a helicopter hovering above the ground. Free-falling and rebounding are enjoyable activities. When a person hops, the cord stretches, and the muumuu flies overhead again as the string recoils, oscillating up and down until the kinetic energy is expended.

The Scenery:

It was in June, 2019. My family and I took a trip to Rishikesh for a holiday. It was a stunning location. Seeing the scenery brought joy to my heart.

In Rishikesh, the height of Bungy Jumping (Bungee) is around 83 metres. i.e. around 272 feet above ground level. The height of Bungee jumping in Rishikesh draws the majority of adventure seekers to the city.

This is the only bungee jumping place recognised by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, and is located in District Puri, Mohan Chatti, Uttarakhand. Jumping Heights is India’s largest bungee jumping location, with jumps ranging from 83 metres up. This location is well-known both nationally and internationally for its superb security procedures. Ex-military officers own and operate Jumping Heights.


It is India’s highest bungee jumping location, located near Rishikesh, India’s spiritual capital. Other adventure activities, such as the Giant Swing and the Flying Fox, are also available from the same location.

Time of Blindsiding:

Finally, the time has come for me to face my greatest dread. We were taken up to the top by a lift. As we ascended, the view appeared to be beautiful. Then we got to the top level, where there were a lot of people. There were army generals and a large number of practitioners, all of whom were most likely from New Zealand. For my protection, I was tethered to a massive rope. I was at the cliff in the corner of the entire construction since it was so large. I was concerned because bad ideas were racing through my mind. I was thinking to myself, “What if this rope is cut and I die?”

Then came the day when I stood at the cliff’s edge, wearing a helmet and having a few belts strapped around my body from shoulder to waist and thighs. When I was standing on the edge of the cliff, there was a guy who was caustic from the start. He was scaring me, saying things like “the rope is going to cut or I’m going to shove you and you’re going to die.” I was heartbroken and said to myself, “Dude, are you serious?” I jumped!

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