Entertainment technology is the means of discipline which provides a manner of using technology for the means of getting information as well for the fulfillment of the purpose of entertainment. What is your idea of entertainment? Everyone will have their particular answer regarding their means of entertaining themselves.

 Application of entertainment technology:

Online movies

Online movie platforms provide a place where we can watch movies at the comfort of our home replacing cinemas. These movie platforms saves time of reaching to the cinemas and they also reduce the cost as there are no restrictions on how many people can watch together in a room using that movie platform.

The Metaverse

The emergence of Metaverse has created a digital environment where people socialize with other people sittings miles away from each other. Lakhs of people can watch a live match or a concert from different places. This has created a new form of entertainment which has grown popularity.

Social media

This media is constantly evolving every year. The amount of people using social media increases rapidly. It connects people, imaginations, ideas and news. One social media account is enough to get a daily dose of entertainment with information.

Source of income

In the past few years the emergence of a new job has taken place that is content creator. One can easily share their knowledge, talents on the internet where other people can watch and learn from it. It creates a platform where by providing valuable content one can earn a good amount of income if it is liked by others who are watching it.


Examples of entertainment technology

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud security management
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality technology

In the last few decades computers, smart phones, smart TV and technologies like artificial intelligence have transformed the entertainment industry. Now entertainment is not only a source of passing time but also it means to gain knowledge from wide areas of field. Whether it is about learning a new language or finding a new job everything is under a click. Teenagers can find numerous source of generating income by doing freelancing. Even movies are not confined to Indian cinemas rather one can watch everything whether it is a Korean movie or a Pakistani drama. There are no borders across industry.

The concept of work from home is possible using this AI technology. This merge of entertainment and technology has emerged a beautiful era of jobs in the comfort of their home. For this generation which needs a proper income with comfort this technology has being a revolution to them. This technology gives a personalized experience to its users. We are heading towards the future of this technology.

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